Why taxis are top for airport travel

Choosing how to travel to the airport to catch a flight, whether for a business trip or for pleasure is not always easy. It can be tempting to opt for public transport in order to keep costs down and to do away with the need to arrange long-stay parking. Families with young children might also like the added novelty value of getting to the airport using as many different modes of transport as possible./

Yet, while there are advantages to using public transport, such as cost and speed, these are only relevant if all goes to plan. Much can go awry with timetables, signal failures, absentee drivers and unexpected technical hitches. In other words, you are at the mercy of the train or bus company.

Driving yourself is another option, or having a friend take you. Again, this adds extra hassle in arranging and paying for long-stay parking hen you get there, or negotiating petrol money etc. with your friend. Not to mention added wear and tear on your vehicle and having to concentrate on driving at what could be a stressful time for you, ahead of getting on the plane.

Booking a London airport taxi with a reputable firm, on the other hand, gives you far more control over your journey and far less stress on the way. You are collected from your home, office or whichever location you choose, and whisked straight to the airport with no diversions or scheduled stops. You are in charge of timings too - booking in advance will ensure the taxi arrives to pick you up exactly when you need it to.

Travelling by taxi also allows you to transport luggage easily in the boot, as opposed to balancing it on your knee, or at your feet on a bus or train. When booking, you can request a larger vehicle to take lots of passengers at once, or if you need to fit in a lot of luggage or bulky items.

Your driver will have an extensive knowledge of the local area, and will know where to drop you off or park up to help with your luggage. They are there to help you have as smooth a journey as possible - you can even ask them to take you a certain route if you wish, or pick up or drop off other people on the way - It's all about flexibility.

Booking a London airport taxi couldn't be simpler. No need to work out which train or bus you need or to decipher timetables and factor in delay time. Just look up the taxi firm, call the number and book your journey in at a time to suit your flight schedule. You can book weeks in advance, or on the day, but the earlier you do so, the more likely it is that you can have the vehicle what you want, when you need it.

Taxi firms normally charge fixed prices for airport runs, which helps with your holiday budget planning and makes business expenses easier to predict. If you book the same company to collect you from the airport when you return, there may be discounts available, plus the knowledge that you know exactly who is taking you back home again at the end of your flight.

Have a great flight!



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