Royal Wedding Fever: our guide to joining in on the big day

Celebrate in style

Take inspiration from Meghan and her guests to make luxury the word of the day. Book a taxi to transport you from your home to a day of upper-class bliss in the heart of London. After a champagne breakfast, head over to Harrods to check out some of the finest wedding hats in London. The ceremony is due to start at 12 noon, so tell your taxi driver to take you to Fortnum and Mason in plenty of time to enjoy a ‘right royal afternoon tea, bookable in advance for £85 per person, which includes a selection of teas, sweet and savoury refreshments and the chance to watch live coverage of the ceremony in comfort. Don’t forget to wave your union jack …

Take the tour

If you cannot be in Windsor for the big day, you might like to pay your own tribute by taking a taxi-driven tour around some of London’s hotspots for royal connections. Buckingham Palace is not to be missed, nor is Westminster Abbey, where Prince Harry served as best man for his brother, Prince William in 2011. Ask your cab driver to take you to Trafalgar Square where Prince Harry launched his charity trek to the South Pole in aid of Walking with the Wounded in 2013. Or visit Hyde Park to see the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, opened in 2004 in memory of Prince Harry’s mother. Children will love the Princess Diana Memorial Playground located in the adjacent Kensington Gardens.

Eat, drink and be merry

Whether you want to dine in style at a fancy restaurant or raise a pint or two to the young couple more informally, London is covered in restaurants, cafes and pubs that will be decked out to celebrate the best of British on this historic weekend. Many will be screening the ceremony and hosting royal wedding parties and celebrations, so why not jump in a taxi to see where you fancy going for a sport of lunch? Booking the taxi to bring you home again will also mean you can enjoy a glass or two of bubbles or beer in honour of the wedding…

Party at home

If you don’t like large crowds, or would prefer to stay close to home on 19 May, there are several ways to celebrate near your own back yard. Look out for details of street parties locally or plan your own version at home – turn on the TV, buy in some patriotic snacks, put on your best wedding outfits and settle in for a fun day at home. Book taxis to bring older relatives and friends to join you and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures to add to your own family albums for future generations to enjoy.



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