Keeping children amused on a taxi journey

Often, the hardest part of a taxi journey is keeping the kids happy and amused. Pointing out things of interest out of the window and coming up with games to fuel their imagination will help the miles whizz past./ Here are some ideas for family harmony on the road.


This is a classic favourite, which involves someone choosing something they can see in the immediate vicinity and challenging the other players to guess what it is. The only clue the person is allowed to give is the letter that the thing starts with. Players take it in turns to guess until the right answer is given. Variations can include guessing by colour, shape, size or amount.

The Alphabet Game

Another game that offers many variations and is a great way to teach little ones their ABC. Players take it in turns to spot something beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Or they can each write down things as they spot them and the person to reach Z quickest is the winner. Another variation is to pick a theme, such as food, countries or first names, and take turns to come up with examples starting with each letter of the alphabet.

Word Association

Someone starts with a random word and challenges the next player to say another word that is linked in some way to the first one (e.g. 'bird' ... 'feather'). Then, the third player does the same using the second word and so on. The links can be as tenuous as you wish and that can result in hilarious answers. A variation would be to see if anyone can bring the game back to the original word using genuinely relevant links to do so.

My Mother Bought...

Another alphabet-style game, where the first person starts off by saying, "My mother went to the shops and she bought... an apple!" The next person must repeat the phrase and add their own item beginning with B. As each letter of the alphabet has an item added, the players must remember the whole list, starting with the item beginning with 'A'. Who can make it all the way to Z, remembering the entire shopping list?

Registration Plates

The registration plates of the vehicles around you can provide lots of amusement. Try to make up phrases using the letters on the plates, or see who can find the plates with the highest numbers on the journey. Quite often, the letters or numbers will depict where or when the vehicle was manufactured or sold. Find out what the area codes are and see how many different locations or years you can spot.

Name That Tune

Musical families might like to pass travel time by humming popular theme tunes or songs and asking their companions to guess what the tune is, or which TV show or film it is from. You could make it harder by asking for the name of the group or singer, or the actors who were in the film.



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